Thursday, July 24, 2008


as you might have guessed...this is just a bunch of random shyt that's on my mind and i felt the need to share...
H&M is having a flippin awesome promotion...Free tee with any denim a former H&M employee...i must say that i know first hand how wonderful *and affordable* their denim getcha arses down there pronto!

Forever 21's forLove line
I mean...i can't even begin to describe how cute and pocket friendly this stuff is!...the forLove line is mainly accessories...with a few tees for you and your puppy thrown in...just a few examples of the greatness:

*pics are courtesey of
Jonas Fever to date i've yet to hear a single note belted out or played by these boys (The Jonas Brothers)...but they're plastered across every freakin thing i look at...which is ok by me in this case...i'm 100% ga-ga over their "look"...they manage to pull off nerdy/polished/tailored/all american/punk/80's casual all at once...they have the amazing ability to look great as a group but still maintain their own personal flair...and they are cute as FUCCCCC *no r. kelly*...i'm partial to the youngest one, Nick (pictured on the left in the first pic...and in the middle on the second)...go figure...i pick the baby!...his ass is mine when he's 18 tho...real talk!
*pics are courtesy of Quest
so i've been attempting to get a freakin "look" posted on and thus far i've been unsuccessful *looks attempted have been the green dress from the "goin green" post...the pic below with the creme tam...and another with me in a black bomber outside of a bar*...i'm sad...cuz i think that my pictures have been following the guidelines...clearly i'm mistaken and the quest continues...the pic with me in the skirt is my next attempt...wish me luck!

Genius Outfit!
i don't think i have to say much...sheer perfection and TOTALLY EFFIN CHIC Kelly!

* pic courtesy of

Local Love
To all my DMV fashionistas and fashionistors(? lol)...check out this neat lil site to sign up for tips on fashion, beauty, news on sales and other


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