Monday, July 21, 2008

Insatiable Consumption

Weekend Highs

  • The effin temperature!

  • Consuming an entire bottle of $3 White Zinfandel on Friday evening and calling it a night by 9pm

  • Sleeping in on Saturday morning

  • Riding the train most of the day Saturday to people watch and explore

  • Score of a totally cute leopard print top from a consignment stop in Eastern Market for only $2 (You Mad?)

  • Goin out with to Love with Phreeeeeeeeezy My Neeeezy!

  • Day & Night Outfits For Saturday

  • Goin to Mommy's on Sunday for a lovely day of food and laughter

Weekend Lows

  • The fact that I missed about 15 phone calls and text messages while in a drunken stupor on Friday night

  • Failure @ finding a new thrift shop supposedly located on N. Capital & New York Ave...which I called and googled map to no avail

  • The lack of interesting people out and about on Saturday

  • I left my effin cam at home when I went out all day Saturday

  • Not taking a better picture of my Excellent party outfit for Saturday night

  • Stupid homework on Sunday

  • RAIN....after I washed my car

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