Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Diary

...i need a new digital cam!...i'm such a non tech junkie with it comes to these in the crap am i supposed to take fun pictures of stuff to post on my blog with crappy pic quality?...i would love to show off my vintage finds...and show people the neat things i see when i go out...i also want to be able to post up pics of the awesomeness that is my besties & myself...i also wanna stalk pretty people in the streets to capture their moments of fashion greatness...just last night at Lotus there were a few girls who were dressed AMAZINGLY...think of white leather ankle booties...with a navy hued sailor/nautical inspired mini-dress...underneath a fabulous blazer...and a white vintage chanel purse on i burn to have snapped a picture

im sooo angry inside

<3 Chocklit

Screwface to the wierd gent that stuck his head into the ladies restroom trying to follow bestie & double screwface to the skinny chick with no hang time and the other joinnt with her shoes off and major cankles & triple screwface to dreaded monsters & the grey shirt bandit *giggles*

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