Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Woooozah i really wanna punch random folks in the face for a multitude of reasons

  1. the scary amounts of people that will be swarming down upon dc in like 2 days has me totally effin sick...i just wanna run away and spend fri-tue tucked away @ moms house
  2. i can't get in contact with the dude that has my bday table n shyt homie...don't make me thrash you for effin up my bday party scene
  3. i can't get a decent nights rest to save my AZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  4. im nervous that my melody ehsani earrings (that i've been fantasizing over for months) won't arrive on time...i found them on an ignorant sale yesterday and ordered instantly...i have until next thursday for them to arrive...but fingers crossed as they're being shipped from across the pond in jolly old england
  5. my fukkin finals are due the same weekend as my bday...god give me the strength

there are some silver linings tho

  1. i have two fabulous dresses and two fabulous pairs of heels to pick between for the bday...and both go with my awesome fuzzy coat...diva!
  2. i only have to get nails and makeup done...holla
  3. mommy is going to make me my favorite homemade straberry creamcheese cupcakes *DIES FROM DELIGHT*
  4. i've lost 6 my chubby will be not so jiggly in the bday photos
  5. honey says he'll taxi the crew to the party i can get totally effffed up!
  6. my hair is going to be soo cute...the momster is throwing serious bday love for getting it done
  7. i get to see my loves that i hardly ever get to see...i've been holed up in the house for like the last 4 months...i've turned into a hermit...and thats not good


my life...

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