Friday, September 5, 2008

Diane Von Furstenberg! ~ Project Runway Ep. 8

So designers...whip up a fabulous frock for the legendary and fabuloso and TOTALLY EFFIN CHIC Ms. DVF!

First of all...Leanne is makin it rain...I love her space cadet ass...and she won that LAST TWO CHALLENGES....WORK!

Korto my shade...cuz you always produce...but you better not let Leanne/Terri/Kenley sneak up on you...cuz those bytches can produce a look...I DO ADORE THE YELLOW THO!

I <3 Kenley!...this dress is perfect on like 1,000 levels...SHOULD HAVE DRAPED time you'll have to merge you and what the judges are looking are the most delicious pin up red lip rockin cutie pie ever!

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